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A historic day … or not

Earlier on Monday I was asking kindly in our little chat if Windows 7 RC is going to screw up the MBR of my harddisk like with any other Windows installation in the last...


Updated ipro1000 driver for Haiku

After my main box died, I got a very decent replacement for it. A Lenovo ThinkPad T500  – Model 20553AG/NK13AGE. As I like working natively under Haiku, wired networking is a must. (Not thinking...


Goodbye Old Companion

After 4.5 years my Samsung X20 laptop kind of refused to stay with me any longer. I turned it on as usual and all I saw was screen garbage – be it in text...


Rhythmbox and USB mass storage sync

In openSUSE, Rhythmbox has become my friend for managing my music collection. I couldn’t “sync” my music with my mobile easily as the Memory Stick (Pro) Duo card reader in my laptop isn’t operateable...


E-Mails reloaded

I’ve been downloading mails to my local box since I’ve come in contact with E-Mails the first time. During time, more and more development related mailing lists have made their way into my inbox....


openSUSE 11.0 Impressions

I’ve recently installed openSUSE 11.0 after having two nightmare looks at some earlier betas, and I must say that I am positively surprised. As an old GNOME fellow I must admit, that KDE4 actually...


Firefox 3 Download Day

I’ve been using Firefox since ages now for everyday use at home and at work, and though I haven’t had a close look at Firefox 3, I am looking forward to test it out....


Image galleries added

I’ve added image galleries of some slight modifications to my Kawasaki GPz 900R and a gallery of my Samsung X20 laptop disassembly which have been lying around on my system for a while. Enjoy.


Inkscape and OpenTrueType

I’ve been creating the graphics for the current theme in Inkscape. I just had a quick look at the latest Inkscape 0.46 pre and I must say that it feels really nice. Some little...


Firefox font-rendering on openSUSE

If you happen to have the same problems I had with absolutely inacceptable font rendering results in Firefox, just go to your home directory and remove the file .fonts.conf, start Firefox and voila: non...