openSUSE 11.0 Impressions

I’ve recently installed openSUSE 11.0 after having two nightmare looks at some earlier betas, and I must say that I am positively surprised. As an old GNOME fellow I must admit, that KDE4 actually delivers a fresh feel, but somehow I made my way back to GNOME which I also see at work day in day out. It just feels … <insert subjective adverbs here>.

A big improvement has been made in the package management system. It’s incredibly fast, and is the total opposite to the pain in the a** 10.2 incarnation with poping up status windows. 10.3 got better, but now, it’s fast and usable. The package management tools have undergone a revamp and it’s some clicks away just adding new repositories while browsing the currently available packages. Thumbs up!

The second area I’ve had a more intense look at was the Bluetooth integration. I was surprised how easy it was plug my Bluetooth dongle in and browse my mobile with Nautilus. Once again, a total opposite to my Windows experience with bloated legacy Broadcom software not even providing explorer integration. The only downside is that I am still not able to transfer/copy files directly via Nautilus. I’ve read that other people have problems too. OBEX file transfer seems to work when the mobile is not connected, but I rather place the files where I wan’t and not let the mobile decide itself. Either the phone is not cappable of the operations I wan’t to perform, or there is still something fishy. (Bluetooh-Oliver: Any ideas? ;)) But even this issue doesn’t bedim my positive impressions from this release.

And overall: I like the dark-greyish-green new look. 😉

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  1. pattus says:

    Der emwe installiert linux. das ich das noch miterleben darf.
    Und wie gehts sonst so? Schon laenger nix gehoert voneinander immer noch in Koethen?

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