Updated ipro1000 driver for Haiku

After my main box died, I got a very decent replacement for it. A Lenovo ThinkPad T500  – Model 20553AG/NK13AGE. As I like working natively under Haiku, wired networking is a must. (Not thinking of wireless at all, atm.) Unfortunately the included “em” driver code from FreeBSD – which in time has been merged with the “bge” driver into the “e1000” – was outdated and no support for the integrated “Intel Corporation 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection [8086:10f5] (rev 03)” present.

After fetching the RELENG_7 source, updating the Haiku driver code and some small changes and stub additions to the Haiku FreeBSD-compat lib I got it to compile and even run! I am not sure if every change is they way it is to be done, but hey: It’s a start.

Booting up Haiku, plugging in the cable, waiting for an IP assignment via DHCP worked flawlessly. Nevertheless, the network stopped after one minute of inactivity. Replugged the cable and it was back again. Starting a Haiku checkout worked out, but after some time it hung. CTRL-C’ing the checkout didn’t work and opening a new terminal window either. Only initiating the shutdown process, with a then hanging shutdown process window was possible. So a KDL reboot was necessary. If I recall correctly, this is the same behaviour I observed at some time with the “bcm570x” driver from Haiku on the old machine. Anyways, here is a sign of network life:


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  1. AndrewZ says:

    Have you tried the new network stack yet?

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