Scalingo discontinues free plans

I am hosting a little pet project of mine over at Scalingo. Last evening I had a look at their blog only to find out that they are disconinuing their free plans. Ouch!

Of course, their free plans have been very generous… 3 applications with one container and 5 free database plans which get’s you going for a while. No forced idling, no nothing. But that apparently attracted too many users of that offer. I had likely upgraded my plan (at least for the database) in order to get some more then the 512MB for that on-site MongoDB but only if the project had matured a bit. But in the current situtation – pre-alpha development – I think it’s a bit too much of an investment. If they had restricted their free plan to one app with one container (even in S size instead of the current M size) and a database of your choice a lot of users wouldn’t be scared away. Just a thought.

Been re-evaluating heroku and OpenShift since yesterday and settled for a heroku + MongoLab combination to get my app up and running before Scalingo pulls it down when I am not opting for a paid plan till end of June 2015. The downside: heroku as well remde their plans and the free plan is going to be mutilated in terms of idling (not that bad) and a maximum awake time of 18 hours a day.

Perhaps I really need to opt for a credit card soon. I really like Scalingo for their on-site database solutions. Their smallest paid MongoDB plan gives you a 5GB database for 14.40€ a month whereas MongoLabs one is at $15 for a 1GB one.

Currently I am quite undecided to which PaaS provider I will stick.

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  1. yannski says:

    Just a quick explanation on why we’re doing stopping the free tier. Unfortunately the situation was not sustainable enough for us, on the business side. Furthermore, people wanting to pay couldn’t because a small to medium app could fit into the free tier (although with just 1 container, you have less SLA than with 2+ containers). With the pricing, that means, that you can run an S-size container as low as 7,20€ / month. We’re still maintaining the free tier on the data store addons (but there’s no automatic backup included). As you helped us on various front (the documentation for example), we can certainly do something for you…

    • emwexx says:

      Heck! How the hell did you get ahead of this blogpost 😉

      I can completely understand your decision from a business point of view. So it’s all good! And as I had written earlier, I really like your on-site database (and plans that is) without havin the need to have a credit card ready unlike on heroku when you wan’t to add a remote DBaaS provider. (Allthough that can be circumvented… ^^)

      Thank you very much Yann and Léo for that “Thank You” which arrived in my inbox! Very much appreciated!

      I think I can merge my two components (frontend and rest-service) into one app (respectively container) and can go on with that. As I have not the slightest idea which CPU requirements will arise when there’s more data to process, the S plan will very likely do it for a while. (I assume acadock wasn’t invented without a reason and we can see container metrics in the dashboard sometime?)

      Again, thank you!

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