A new music management app

It all started out with ripping my Christmas present CDs… And of course, the good old AudioGrabber didn’t like to find the new Rotersand Truth Is Fanatic Again, nor Superstition from The Birthday Massacre via the FreeDB lookup. Quickly tried CD-EX and EAC but wasn’t really satisfied either, as the lookup didn’t work out too well.

Then I someow stumbled over MusicBee and ripping was a breeze after some initial LAME setup. And the keeper-feature was the wonderful album-art retrieval. These days it is tiring having to endlessly tune things to your liking. I don’t have time for that. I minimized (cool thing) the ripping window started importing my music into the database and did some tagging (including the cool album-art feature) and … bling .. the disks were done.

Another thing, which endlessly pissed me in Winamp (I think that one will never see light again…) was the bothersome mass storage device handling. Plugged in the SD card from my mobile and it was there. Did setup the folder locations and done. Music syncing – including handy send-to-device menu links. Done.

I like.

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