The Leopard 1 debobbing project

The Leopard 1 was my first tier 10 tank in World of Tanks. And it’s not the best tank to take for a mediocre player like I was back then. (Of course I am not a pro now, either!) The lack of armor is unforgiving, the lack of knowledge how to play it right, too. Basically, I took it out mostly alone in the very late night hours when concentration is low and tiredness high. So let’s look at some disastrous stats …

My Leopard 1 bob stats (extracted from

Winrate Overall47.4%49.7%60.4%
Winrate Solo48.4%54.0%59.4%
Winrate Platoon42.3%60.3%67.2%
Damage Dealt1,8001,8372,819
Damage Received1,5421,7001,572
Battle Tier9.228.928.87
Lifetime (seconds)341303354
Mileage (meters)2,0788951,030

So what do we see:

  • an embarrassing win rate
  • a WN8 which is even below the default WN8 (1565) and the current expected tank values (v17 as the time of writing)
  • 1800 average damage is ouch; that should be somewhere above 2200 at least
  • an unfriendly matchmaker: seeing that the average battle tier is 9.22 for me, 8.92 for all and a freaking 8.87 for unicums; thank you very much!
  • I drove around too much. Or to put it differently: I camped too less! Seeing that the unicums only have half the mileage (1km) and usually perform way better and survive the game till the end, I grasp what I did wrong.

Where to go from here:

Pulling up the win rate isn’t that important for me, although it’s still embarrassing to see it below the 50%. What is more important is the average damage which I’d like to pull up to at least 2200 which should get me somewhere into blueish WN8 regions I hope. The pure target damage charts list 2300 (as of 2015-02-02) for blueish, but that is without frags, spotting, defence and winrate in the equation.

How to get there:

  • vision game: use the good camo, view range and gun to excell at this
  • relocate: use the good mobility to change flanks quickly to help out there or just to bail out of critical situations before it’s too late
  • supporter: the Leopard 1 is no front pig – don’t make yourself the target of your opponents
  • camp more: dunno if I like this, but finding a good spot in the beginning might grant a good pile of opportunities to push out some damage and then flex around to help where needed and in the end phase bring in the hopefully still full HP pool to bring down the last opponents (optionally by taking some shots if unevitable but justifiable)

Happy bobbing!

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