What used to be

To speak with a song title of a favorite project – mind.in.a.box – this page has undergone some visual changes.I stumbled over some old “version” of the page from 2003 which lasted before and some time after that. Something I would’t really prefer nowadays, but the CSS experiments already started back then:

what used to be

As you might have noticed, also the posting language has changed a bit. I am switching to English from now on. Not necessarily to reach a wider audience, but to make it easier for non germans to follow up the content which is hopefully being updated more frequently then it used to be.I hope you enjoy the new look. Please let me know of any glitches you encounter while browsing this “clear” site.

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  1. Kristof says:

    Nice to see something happening over here after all this month. The visual changes look cool although I would have chosen something more decent than this gaudy orange. 😉
    Safari and Omniweb have no issues with this site btw.
    Greetings from Wiesbaden

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